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Welcome to the wiki for By Right of Blood

By Right Of Blood is a role playing game with your favorite Vampires: the Sabbat! We use 20th Anniversary Edition. Be a storyteller and run your own plots or enjoy the plots we run for you.

This Wiki is a repository for player-made content such as their characters, plots, logs, and building information.

You can find information such as how to get started and what the setting's about at the By Right Of Blood website.

Connect at 7373.

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Please be mindful of the following three rules:

1. Please keep your content SFW. Users should be able to access it anywhere (regardless of whether they are literally at work, around family, or in public on their phone or something). Any photographic content which could be considered R-rated will be removed.

2. Please keep your content player-created. If you want to post content which is a summary of the books, don't. Please link out to theWhite Wolf Wikiinstead.

3. Do not link to illegal downloads of the books, period. There is no "please," here. Don't do it, period.